Dark Matter DeFi Updated RoadMap — 2022

Dark Matter DeFi
3 min readFeb 6, 2022


The roadmap was last published on December 19, 2021 which feels like forever ago. At that time we didn’t even have NFTs or NFT staking. We delivered that like promised. Two of the Boxed General NFTs sold for 450 FTM each.


We are deploying our own API which will allow us to access our own data and also allow others to access our data. The API will help us deliver information in a more efficient manner. We will continue to prioritize the speed of our dAPP taking into account all levels of internet access. The API will be released in mid February.

Amounts Earned on Vaults

We understand how important it is for users to see how much they are making from their staked positions. The vaults in their current form do not have this feature. With the API above we can now display the amount earned by each user and the initial + subsequent deposit amounts. This is a feature that was requested by numerous individuals so we made it one of our priorities. This feature will be released in mid February.

Dark Matter DeFi ZAP Page

On our new zap page users can create LP in a one button click process. Adding liquidity is sometimes confusing for users so we decided to simplify the process. We did not invent this idea or feature we simply felt it would be a useful tool for our users. The Zap page should be released toward the end of February.

Dark Matter DeFi NFT Launch Pad

We want to help people who otherwise couldn’t do it on their own. The NFT launchpad will give us the ability to do just that. Project owners can create their own artwork and use our services for minting, viewing, transferring, staking, and help facilitating secondary market listings. We will provide a NFT factory contract which allows users to deploy their own NFT contracts compatible with Fantom NFT Marketplaces.

The project owner can set the price, the max supply, the non disclosure function, the baseURI, the payment address, and a bunch of other features. Essentially the project owner will also be the owner of the NFT contract. The Launch Pad should be ready sometime in early or mid March.

Dark Matter DeFi Admin Interface

The admin interface is something we are building for the team. The interface will automate some of our processes giving us more free time to focus on the bigger development features.

Dark Matter DeFi Planets

We’ve spoken at lengths about Planets so we wont be going into to much detail about specific features. The Planets proposal is a huge undertaking and will require all of our developer resources. Contracts are still under development, we are working on the UI designs and UX logic, then the developers will configure the front end with designs and contracts.

Since there is so much custom code in the contracts and front end the Planets will require extensive testing. If all goes well we should see our first implementation of Planets some time around the end of April early May.

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