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Dark Matter DeFi
4 min readDec 19, 2021


The DMD team has come so far and excited to continue our efforts into the year 2022. We have a lot of features almost ready and a lot of new ideas we are looking to get under development moving into the new year, the following post lays out our developmental roadmap.


As 2021 nears the end the DMD team will continue to work and deliver our promises. The biggest priority is releasing our NFT pages with fully functional features.

NFTs Main Page

This page includes cards linking to our three most recent DMD NFT series and menu items directing DMD users to all of the NFT pages.

My NFTS Page

This is the page where users can view, transfer or sell any of the DMD NFT assets they own.

All DMD NFT Series Page

This is the page where users can view all of the existing DMD NFT series and any upcoming series.

Founders Token & Series One Pages

Each DMD series will have a dedicated specific series page with minting options, information and examples.


As we move into January the pages listed above will all be released simultaneously. In addition to releasing these pages the DMD team will announce the Minting date for Series One Boxed General NFTs.

Boxed General NFT’s Secret Pre Reveal Image

During this first week of January the DMD team will be testing the NFT staking pages front end features. After all testing is completed we should be set and ready to release our NFT staking pool for Founders Tokens and Series One NFTs in the second week of January and have a date ready for Series Two Generative NFT’s Minting. In the third and fourth weeks of January when we decide that we are happy with all of our existing NFT features the team will begin working on the Dark Matter DeFi NFT Planets Concept.

Dark Matter DeFi Planets

DMD Planets is the next phase in our NFT developmental vision. There are hot planets, cold planets and neutral planets. All planets are NFTs and DMD users can own planets. The price of Planets will doubling on each sale. For example, if the minting price of a planet is 1000 DMD the user who mints the planet will pay 1000 DMD. The contracts will force a “listing for sale” after 48 hours expires and any user that wants to buy it can for double the previous sale price. In our example it would cost this user 2000 DMD to purchase the planet from the existing user. The 2000 DMD is deposited into the previous owners wallet and now the new owner has ownership of the planet NFT. The next forced sale will happen after another 48 hours has expired from the previous sale time stamp.

Planets Function

The planets are similar to vaults only more fun. Planet owner sets the planet staking fee structure, the more users a planet owner convinces to stake in their planet the more fees they earn. Users stake DMD into the planets and earn Cold Dark Matter or Hot Dark Matter. When a user earns 1000 CDM or 1000 HDM they can forge a mystery box NFT that can be opened or sold. Inside the mystery boxes are all kinds of different prizes such as DMD tokens, Planet NFTs, various DMD NFTs, and partner NFTs.

Ongoing Two Week TVL Contest

For additional prizes and to help create a competitive arena for DMD users we are hosting a continuously running 2 week TVL contest. Three snap shots are taken of the existing TVL for each planet over the course of 2 weeks. The three planets with the best average TVL over the 2 week period receive additional CDM and HDM for users staking in the planet. The TVL Contest automatically resets every 2 weeks. All DMD staked into a planet will be locked until the TVL contest resets.

Thank You!

We want to show our gratitude to all of you who continue to show support and believe in our vision. This is for you people and we hope you appreciate it as much as we do!

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