Dark Matter DeFi Two Month Recap

Dark Matter DeFi
2 min readMay 17, 2022

So much has happened since our last update in April! Not only with the project but all across the entire industry. These are exciting times to be a live the team here at DMD is so grateful to have the opportunity to be building in this space at this moment in time. How lucky we are!

New Landing Page

We designed and delivered a new landing page for our dAPP and we couldn’t be happier. Once again our designer nailed it! The new page highlights all of the major DMD features such as Earning, NFTs and the NFT Launchpad.

Integrated Swap Page

We delivered our own internal swap page so users can trade tokens without ever leaving the dAPP. Most of your favorite tokens are already listed and it’s just as easy to use as any other swap. We are also utilizing spookyswap router and did not deploy our own AMM.

Launchpad Collections

We put quite a few artist through the launchpad helping them put their art out into the world. Below is a list of all the collections that were added to the launchpad.