April Update for Community

Dark Matter DeFi
2 min readApr 7, 2022

In this post you will find the upcoming development updates, Dark Matter DeFi community events, our Marketing plans for the month and a slew of other information.


New Landing Page

We are designing and development a new landing page. This new page will highlight all of our major features. Earn, NFTs, and NFT Launchpad. We believe that highlighting these features on our front page will better suit future and current community members.

Integrated Swap Page

We’ve attempted other solutions to this issue, that issue being the fact that when Users want to trade tokens for DMD they have to leave our website. We prefer to change this and give our users the option to swap right on our site. We are not deploying our own AMM, we are utilizing the spookyswap router for our swap page.

Prize Wheel

The prize wheel is a feature we’ve been looking to release for quite some time. Users can burn DMD and spin the wheel to win prizes.

Members Token Minting: Once the prize wheel is ready we will be adding DMD Members Token NFTs as the first collection of prizes for the wheel.

NFT Launchpad Projects

Fantom Seahorse

Created to celebrate aquatic life while also bringing notice to the wide-scale issues regarding Ocean Pollution.

Fat Birds 2

The return of the fattest birds on the FTM blockchain. A generative project by Nedpeppermint.

Tombheads Special Artist

More information coming soon on this