Dark Matter DeFi Development Update

Dark Matter DeFi
2 min readMay 17, 2022

DMD API — Coming this Week

We are building an API so we and our partners have the ability to call information they might need and currently can not obtain. One example is pulling the owners of NFTs who are currently staking an NFT in a Pool. The user is not holding the NFT anymore so how do we determine they own it? The API will allow us to call this information and compile it into a list. We have various other things we can use the API for.

Prize Wheel

The prize wheel has been getting tested internally by our team. There has been a lot of discussion about the existing logic and UX. Our goal is to make it simple short step process to participate. We want people coming back to play the wheel so it needs to be really easy and straight forward. Currently it is not where we want it. We are going to implement some changes to the existing idea keeping the above mentioned goals in mind.

NFT Launchpad 2.0

The existing launchpad has been so great for us and the artist. We are proud of what we built already but there is always room for improvements. We are excited to add new features and improve some of the existing ones. We are also going to build a launchpad landing page because it will give artist a much clearer vision about what it actually does and what we have to offer them.

New NFT Features

  • Wrapped NFTs — wrap NFT for ERC20 token
  • Stake DMD Earn NFTs — Lock DMD for period of time to get NFTs
  • View my NFTs — View all of your Fantom Opera NFTs on One Page

Dark Matter DeFi Members Token

The Members token will be the next NFT we deploy which is our own. The members token will give users access to all sorts of features like extra wheel spins or free wheel spins. Secret members only areas, private chat rooms and contest. Early mint access to other NFT collections minted on our dAPP. We wont mint the Members token unless we can deliver it WITH utility.

Dark Matter DeFi Planets

On hold until we get funding to deliver.