Planets and our Treasury

Dark Matter DeFi
2 min readMay 17, 2022

We wanted to provide an update about one of the bigger features we were aiming to deliver. Planets. Unfortunately we have to put those on hold for now for various reasons. The biggest reason is because we are running out of money. Initially the project was funded by Bill himself with money from his own pocket. After the NFT sales the team was able to pay Bill back and capture a decent sized treasury. The majority of that treasury has gone toward paying for front end development. Some of it went to paying other team members.

We keep a strict accounting record of where our money has come from and gone too. We are not wasteful we just don’t have a lot of revenue generation and our burn rate is high when we constantly push out new features. We are excited to continue building the project but we need to slow down on some of the bigger features until we can generate enough revenue to pay for them.

We are going to continue to focus on the Launchpad because that is where we have been excelling. Planets are still very much a thing we just need to get some money so we can pay for them. As always we appreciate your understanding and count on the continued support! We love building we hope you love what we build!