Changes: NFT Staking Pools, NFT Launchpad, Partnerships

NFT Staking Pool Changes:

  • projects are required to provide the reward token for NFT staking pools. The minimum per month is $2500 worth of tokens. We recommend purchasing DMD off the market and using that as your reward, however you may use any NON RFI token you desire.
  • We are no longer matching DMD for any pools, for any reason. The only pools that will get DMD from our DMD treasury are DMD NFTs.
  • We are no longer offering free NFT staking pools for Launchpad artist or projects. If an artist or projects goes through the launchpad and wants a staking pool they must provide the reward token.
  • There are a couple projects grandfathered into our old system.
  • Any Fantom NFT project is welcome to open an NFT staking pool as long as they provide the rewards.

Partnership Changes:

  • To open a farm in our DAPP for your LP token a partner must provide a minimum $10,000 in FTM or their project token for our Multi-Pool. We will not compromise on this requirement, if it can not be fulfilled we can not partner with you.
  • Multipliers costs money, if you want to keep your high multiplier you must continue incentivizing our token holders by filling the multi pool. Over time your multipliers will be reduced.

NFT Launchpad Changes:

  • Soon we are deploying a v2 factory NFT contract. This contract will add additional functions.
  • In v2 factory contract the fee for artist and projects going through the launchpad will be increased to 10%.
  • All artist are welcome to apply for the launchpad.



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