New Dark Matter DeFi Landing Page

Dark Matter DeFi
2 min readApr 30, 2022

We’ve been working hard trying to get this new landing page delivered. Earlier this week we sneaked it out without making any kind of official announcement. The new landing page puts a focus on our main features. Earning, NFTs, and the NFT Launchpad. We believe highlighting these features will help new users trying to learn what we do.


There are so many different strategies for our users to earn.

Farms where you can stake LP tokens to earn DMD. Pools where you can stake WFTM, DMD, USDC, DAI, USDT and various other tokens to earn DMD. The Multi Pool where you can stake DMD to earn various other Fantom Network tokens, mostly which come from our partners. The auto compounding Vaults where you can stake DMD or various LP tokens to earn DMD. And of course NFT Staking pools where you can stake your Dark Matter DeFi NFTs and other Partner project NFTS to earn DMD.


We pride ourselves on the NFT features we have delivered. Features which are exclusive to the Fantom Network.

Lets start with our NFT staking pools. We offer those for our DMD NFTS and any NFT collection on the Fantom Network. Just fund the pool and we can launch the pool for you.

We also built a really awesome tool for NFT collections on the Fantom Network. You can send any number of NTFs to any number of wallets. There are two functions, send multiple NFTs to one wallet, or send multiple NFTs to multiple wallets (air dropper). This tool actually is being used a lot, we know this because we watch the contract transactions.

NFT Launchpad

The DMD launchpad has already put 7 projects through the launchpad. We love working with artist and guiding them along the DeFi path, which we all know can be rocky at times. We didn’t just create a tool for Artist to use. We foster growth by training and helping artist learn. Even if they don’t want to perform the tasks involved it is important for them to understand the process.

We would love for new artist to come join us and let us help bring their vision to a reality. Helping artist grow and learn is one of our main goals with the launchpad and we look forward to working with the artist of the world.

We hope you enjoy the new landing page. Please share it with your friends and don’t be shy, let us know what you think on telegram or discord.