DMD Members Week

Event Schedule

Saturday July 2nd:

Discord Battles officially starting at 5:00 PM UTC, make sure to mark your calendar!

Sunday July 3rd:

Art Contest details will be posted and officially begins. One random Battle in discord for a Purple Members NFT

Monday July 4th:

Random flash twitter giveaway. Details will be posted in discord members channel at a random time. You must complete all the steps, the user who completes all the steps first will be declared the winner

Tuesday July 5th:

An open AMA with the Dark Matter DeFi team in discord. Ask us anything you want about the project, team, or team members. We would love to answer any questions the member community might have for us. The AMA event is scheduled for 11:00 PM UTC you can mark it in your calendar!

Wednesday July 6th:

Texas Holdem poker tournament. Details TBD

Thursday July 7th:

Chess Tournament. Details TBD

Friday July 8th:

Art Contest Submissions end

Saturday July 9th:

Members Week is over, we will be announcing the Art Contest Winners


We have over 100 Member NFTs to give away including around 7 Purple Member NFTs! We have hundreds of thousands of DMD to give away and a bunch of other NFTs too! We never skimp on the prizes so you are going to definitely want to get involved and enjoy this week of fun. We look forward to seeing the community out there!



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