Dark Matter DeFi Recap March

The NFT Launchpad is one of our feature items and we delivered as promised. We reduce the friction for artist looking to deploy NFT collections on the Fantom Opera Network.

Fantom Terraformers are a collaborative generative project by artist Clokkworky and JakeEY3. Minting went live on March 16, 2022 for 50 FTM per mint. At the time of writing this 677 Terraformer NFTs have been minted. You can still mint one today.

The Fantom Frenchies is a collection of 690 Hiqh Quality, Hand Drawn French Bulldogs by DMD artist Hamid. Minting went live on March 26, 2022 for 12 FTM per mint selling out in about 2 hours. The Frenchies team published a review about the Launchpad process, you can read that here.

Fantom Capys is a project inspired by our creator @Goosymane’s South American roots and brought to life by digital artist avi_m_kabir. Minting went live on March 29, 2022 for 10 FTM per mint. At the time of writing this 223/1000 Capys have been minted. You can still mint today.

We had the honor of joining and spending time with the Tombheads Auction House in this DMD tribute auction. Amazingly this would fourish into strong partnership and we are excited to continue strengthening that.

Do not be alarmed. The Menu is now at the top of the page. For Mobile the menu is at the bottom. There are all kinds of slight improvements on this update. If you are interested in learning about each one you can read this published article here.

  • Cyber Stoned
  • Stonk Society
  • Terraformers
  • Fantomon Trainers Extended
  • One Ring Finance
  • Fantom Frenchies
  • Capys
  • Super Nova Chimps
  • Raccoon Platoon
  • World of Yamaloka
  • Slurp Extended
  • Magik
  • Phantom
  • Slothtopia

You can sell your NFTs for DMD token on the operahouse.online NFT marketplace!

Team Twitter Spaces Event

Listen to Bill, Jason and the rest of the Dark Matter DeFi team in this Team “Get to know the Team” twitter spaces event.



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