Dark Matter DeFi Project Update

  • Improving the DMD Token price by decreasing NFT staking pool emissions and moving the existing NFT staking pools to a V2 contract which pays directly from the masterchef.
  • Improving the DMD Token price by removing non native farms and pools.
  • Incentivizing DMD Token Burns through NFT minting, Poker Tournaments and the Prize Wheel.
  • Focusing on our dedicated community members, especially the member NFT holders. Continue running weekly battles, poker tournaments and various other contests.
  • Building exclusive features for our members.
  • Revisit our existing partnerships and work with those teams to strengthen and improve those partnership.


  • Add advanced feature to the Air Drop/ Multi sender tool.
  • Update the Prize wheel to change number price and payout automatically to winners
  • Launchpad upgrades V2
  • Members Only Page — Claim DMD, sign up for poker, and more
  • Lock NFT in Farms and Pools for specific duration to increase your Multiplier on that farm or pool
  • V2 Staking Pools from masterchef for the long term NFT staking pools
  • Dark Matter DeFi Planets



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