Dark Matter DeFi Project Update

As we progress into a bear market we are going to see a lot of teams give up and projects go under. This is inevitable for various reasons but mostly because people need money and money is becoming less and less available. This leaves an opportunity for the projects and teams who can weather the impending storm we are all about to witness. Resilience is a huge factor when it comes to survival. How do teams respond to adversity will define the fate of some projects.

Here are Dark Matter we want to continue and we are doing everything we can to make that a possibility. Lets review some of the things we are doing to weather this storm.

  • Improving the DMD Token price by decreasing NFT staking pool emissions and moving the existing NFT staking pools to a V2 contract which pays directly from the masterchef.


  • Add advanced feature to the Air Drop/ Multi sender tool.

Recap of Previous Two Months



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