Dark Matter DeFi Prize Wheel

Dark Matter DeFi
2 min readMay 22, 2022

It is with great pleasure the Dark Matter DeFi Prize wheel V1 is released to the public. We encourage everyone to try it out and have some fun!


Prize Wheel Details

Users are required to burn 85 DMD in order to spin the wheel. Once a user burns the DMD they have the choice to purchase 5 tickets or 10 tickets. Tickets cost 420 DMD each and are represented by a number from 0–999. After a certain period of time (set by the team) the drawing happens.

The drawing uses Orai VRF to pull a random number. If one of your ticket numbers matches the random number you will win the DMD in the prize pot. If multiple people win with the same number the pot will be split between all the winners. You can even win if your number is partially matched.

After you purchase your tickets all you need to do is wait for the drawing. If you win you will see a button on the wheel page which says ‘claim winnings’.

How to Play

Guide Below or Watch the Video

  1. Approve the Wheel
  2. Burn 85 DMD

3) Click Generate 5 tickets or Generate 10 Tickets

4) Watch wheel spin and choose random numbers for you

5) Click Buy numbers and confirm in metamask

6) You can now see your purchased numbers for this drawing

7) Each wallet can only buy 10 numbers per round, if you burn again you will see this

8) wait for the drawing, if you are a winner you can revisit the page and claim your winnings