Dark Matter DeFi Officially Launching

What Features Will be Available at Launch?

  • Farming Pools, minimum 3.
  • Staking Pools — Stake DMD earn DMD, Stake DMD earn FTM
  • Founder Token NFT Distribution, air drops, special contest, private telegram group.

What Safety Precautions Will The Team Be Taking?

  • Excessive testing of the software front end and contracts
  • Liquidity will be locked for an initial period of 3 months, and then locked again for 1 year.
  • Team tokens will be locked every three months
  • the 7,350,000 tokens allocated for NFT staking pools will be locked for 1 month initially, we will take the 350,000 out at that point for the Founders Token Staking Pool, and the remaining 7 million will be locked again for 1–3 months.
  • Farm/Pool Fee’s generated are sent to a multi sig address, no funds may be released without 2/3 of the key holders sign off.
  • Looking into audits and review from various companies.

What Can Our Users Expect In the Coming Months?

  • NFT Staking development progress
  • The Holoween Contest and some other contest
  • Announcements regarding future NFT series and games
  • A Brand audit and some rebranding
  • Vaults
  • Partnerships
  • Massive Marketing Push



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