Dark Matter DeFi Monday Weekly Update

Dark Matter DeFi
4 min readMar 8, 2022


Recap for the Week

Unverified NFT Staking Contract

There’s been some news about our unverified NFT staking contracts. They are unverified mainly because we have a lot of custom code in there and we have every intentions of taking advantage of our lead.


Information About the Team

  1. Our team is pretty much fully Doxed. Every team member has been Doxed to me personally also, aside from a couple of the newer folks.
  2. We understand people may be concerned and that is totally fine. If it’s not for you it’s not for you!
  3. Our other verified contracts have been audited by obelisk

If somebody wants to audit our contracts and sign a non disclosure agreement which lasts for 3 months we are open to doing that, for now our contracts will stay unverified.

Team Page

Our Co-Founders Personal DOX

Two new Collections have joined the NFT Staking Club!

Cyber Stoned
Fantom De-Fi Verse is a collection of motion NFT artworks that depict the tale of the rise of Fantom Intergalactic Foundation and their De-Fi Commission on Planet Earth to give the freedom and independence back to the Humans. Stake them now to change space history!

The Stonk Society
Stonks only go up! Stonks are 3,333 unique & randomly generated Stonks living on the Fantom Blockchain. Stake your Stonks so your Stonks go up!

Stake your NFTS Here

Dark Matter DeFi Development Update

- NFT Staking Pools
- NFT Launchpad
- DMD Members Token NFT
- Stake Multiple NFTs Function
- Harvest All Function
- Prize Wheel
- Planets
- Briberies with NFTs
- Additional API Data
- Web Application Optimization
- Lightening Network: Buy DMD
- Farm Boosts with NFTs

And Of Course Much Much More! Read it all Here

Fantomon Trainers NFT Staking Pool Extended

The Fantomon Team purchaserd some DMD from the market, we matched their purchase and extended the NFT Staking Pool for Fantomon Trainers. The pool will last another month so keep staking your Trainers and using that DMD to feed your Fantomons!

Coming Up This Week and Next


We have a lot of plans to offer Artist a unique path forward in offering up their artwork. We will not only be providing a Launch Pad for their NFTs, but we will assist them through the entire process. We are here to help people and artist from all walks of life. Whether you are experienced or not it doesn’t matter we want to show you the way and help guide you through.

Create your NFT Collection with One Button: Fill out the required information. Not sure of something? No problem! We will either provide that service for you or we will walk you through it.

Manage your NFT Collection on the User Panel: After you create an NFT Collection you are the owner of that contract. This means you have access to certain contract owner functions non-owners do not have access too. Only the owner of the contract will have access to the user panel for that specific NFT collection.

Dark Matter DeFi Poker Tournament

Come join us for a fun filled event for a chance to win prizes. Bonus NFT prizes for players who collect bounties on the Generals Heads. If you want to play in the tournament you’ll need to sign up on this form.