Dark Matter DeFi Monday Weekly Update

Recap for the Week

  • FTM-BNB 3x -> 4x
  • USDC-DAI 1x -> 4x
  • USDC-FUSDT 1x -> 4x
  • BTC-FTM 1x -> 4x
  • FTM-SUSHI 1x -> 2x
  • CRV-FTM 1x -> 2x
  • FTM-MIM 1x -> 2x

Fantoms On Opera Added The DMD/FTM pair to the Autocompounder. The current state is in beta and part of a new farm-vault model.

Visit https://enum.fantoms.art/#/app to create your LP stake and earn!

We welcomed Ez_Therosen to the Dark Matter DeFi Core Team. He’s gonna be leading the Street Team as well as taking on a large roll managing our social media pages.

Alien Zap — Harness the power of Dark Energy and easily create LP Tokens with the click of a button! A lot of our users asked for this feature and we delivered!

Multi Pool — We now offer a Staking Pool that yields multiple tokens! Stake $DMD to Earn WFTM, PGunk/FTM LP, and EGunk!

Please Harvest and unstake your Fantom Squad NFT from the Staking pool as rewards are now over. We really appreciate the team over at Diversify and FantomSquad and hope to continue working with them on future collaborations.

  • You can stake your Raccoon Platoon (by Opera House) to earn DMD.
  • You can stake your Slurpie Cup to earn WFTM.
  • You can stake your Weaponized Countries Cards to earn DMD.
  • You can stake your Yamaloka Warrior to earn DMD.
  • Founders Token Rewards run out around August 13/14
  • Unboxed General Rewards run out around April 13/14
  • Boxed General Rewards run out around September 13/14
  • Series 2 Alien Rewards run out around Feb 2023
  • Fantomons Rewards run out around March 3/4
  • Raccoon Platoon Rewards run out around March 26/27
  • Slurp Slurpies Rewards run out around March 26/27
  • Weaponized Countries Rewards run out around March 24/25

Yesterday we auctioned off a Founders Token NFT which also comes with a physical and some stickers. We got 318 FTM from the sale, we used this FTM to purchase 6700 DMD and then we sent that DMD to the pits of hell for burning.

Some updates to our NFT Staking Section!

All NFTs — On the Main NFT Staking Page you can now see all available collections for NFT Staking, instead of just the relevant NFTs you own!

Staked Only — We’ve added a filter to the NFTs Page to only show NFTs you have currently staked! Making it easier to manage and track your earnings!

Finished Tab — You can now see all of the finished NFT Staking Pools in one section on the site, making it easier to withdraw after emissions are finished!

Coming Up This Week

We are likely adding two additional NFT staking pools later this week. We will make more noise about this over the next couple of days.

This week we begin development on the NFT launchpad. Soon we will have a better idea of how long this should be under development. Testing contracts this week as well.

Later this week we will update the community regard the state of development for the project features. Information about the Prize Wheel, NFT Launch Pad, and Planets. We are making good progress so things are looking good on all fronts.



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