Dark Matter DeFi Members NFT Mint Party and Live Battles

Dark Matter DeFi
2 min readJun 9, 2022

The Dark Matter DeFi team is set and ready to launch our next NFT collection the Members NFT. There are 1269 generative NFTs ranging in rarity from Bronze, Silver, to Gold and Purple. Each NFT comes with an outline, base layer and background making them all 100% unique.

Mint Details

  • Mint Date: June 11, 2022
  • Mint Time: 8:20 PM UTC
  • Price Per Mint: 1000 DMD
  • 75% of the DMD from Mint will be Burned Forever
  • 25% of the DMD from Mint will be air dropped to Purple Base Layer NFT Holders — there are only 95 out of 1269!
  • Total NFTs 1100 for Mint 169 for Air Drop

Mint Battles

To encourage minting and make it a fun time we are going to be hosting a live chat in discord along side some battles. The battles will be open for everyone and we have a lot of prizes. We are going to be giving away a bunch of Member NFTs, Series 2 Aliens, Boxed Generals and a bunch of other NFTs.

Join us in discord to win some prizes and have a fun time! https://discord.com/events/892135151704899595/984281775549321219

Member NFT Utility

We wanted to create an NFT with more utility than not. So the Members NFT is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. There are four different levels, bronze, silver, gold and purple. Each Level will ultimately grant additional access to member features. For now you can review the list of utility features the NFT will launch with.

Features Launching With Mint

  • Access to our community games like poker, chess and weekly battles. After the mint day battles, all future games will require the user to be holding a Members Token
  • Access to our secret chat room, previous for founder token holders only.
  • Purple Base Layer NFT Holders Will collectively share by air drop 25% of the DMD from Mint
  • Purple Base Layer NFT Holders Will get their own DMD NFT Staking Pool for a 1 month duration (amount TBD)

Features Coming Soon

  • LP farming Multipliers — stake NFT add farming multiplier
  • Members only dAPP pages with special features and games