Dark Matter DeFi

NFT Staking Pools

We will continue to deliver new NFT staking pools for the various different Fantom projects. Some of the recent staking pools we added; Stonk Society, CyberStoned, SlurpiesByZaq, Yamaloka Warriors and Raccoon Platoon.

Possible Upcoming NFT Staking Pools

(Not all pools listed)

  • Fantom Alliance Partner Pool — Stake Multiple different NFT Collections to Earn WFTM
  • Fantoms on Opera
  • Fantom Haunted Frat Club
  • Bobble Heads
  • Raiders

NFT LaunchPad

The NFT Launchpad is our main priority. We have a lot of plans to offer Artist a unique path forward in offering up their artwork. We will not only be providing a Launch Pad for their NFTs, but we will assist them through the entire process. We are here to help people and artist from all walks of life. Whether you are experienced or not it doesn’t matter we want to show you the way and help guide you through.

NFT LaunchPad Features

Create your NFT Collection with One Button: Fill out the required information such as the project name, the Base URI, the Reveal URI, the Max Supply and the Mint price. Add your payment address and click the create button! It’s that easy. Even if you don’t know what some of this stuff is, like the Base URI, no problem! We will either provide that service for you or we will walk you through it.

Manage your NFT Collection on the User Panel: After you create an NFT Collection you are the owner of that contract. This means you have access to certain contract owner functions non-owners do not have access too. You can change the Base URI, you can click the reveal function to reveal your NFTs, you can pause the contract, unpause the contract, you can change the mint price and payment address, you can add people to your white list. Only the owner of the contract will have access to the user panel for that specific NFT collection.

Dark Matter DeFi Members Token NFT

A new NFT we call the Members Token. Similar to the Founders token this NFT will offer various rewards and accolade. As always there will be an NFT staking pool for users to earn DMD. The tokens will be Generative and have the ability attribute.

There will be 420 Total NFTS and users will need to burn a certain amount of DMD in order to mint. The staking pool will begin after all NFTs are minted out. The minimum amount we are thinking about for minting an NFT is 420 DMD. If all NFTs are minted this would be 176,400 DMD burned off the market. Another amount we are considering is 1000 DMD burned. This would take 420,000 DMD off the market.

Rules for Members Token

  • Staking Pool begins after all NFTS minted
  • Can only mint by burning X amount of DMD
  • Only 1 Mint per Tx
  • Generative Art with Ability Attribute level 1–5

Note: these rules are tentative and subject to change.

Stake Multiple NFTs and Harvest All Functions

Staking: The Issues

When you own a bunch of NFTs it becomes a task to stake them all individually. We actually have this figured out it’s only a matter of timing. One big issue is the fact that you can only include so much data in 1 single transaction. Because of this we as users are prevented from sending realistically, more than 10 NFTs in one transaction.

Staking: The Solution

We have a solution for this problem. You’ll never be able to “stake all” NFTs if you own more than 10 NFTs for that specific collection. But you will have the ability to select 10 individual NFTs and stake them all in one transaction. You need to remember that you are including a lot of data in this transaction which means your estimated gas will be extremely high.

Harvesting: The Issue and Solution

Obviously harvesting individual collections is not ideal if you own multiple collections and you are staking them all. A harvest all button would be nice and this is likely possible. The button would allow users to harvest all the DMD from all the collections they are staking NFTs for.

Additional Development

  • Prize Wheel
  • Planets
  • Briberies with NFTs
  • Additional API data
  • Web Application Optimization
  • Lightening Network: Buy DMD
  • Farm Boosts with NFTs
  • Much Much More



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